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The Arisaema rust is covered in detail in the Arisaema-L Archives
<http://listserv.surfnet.nl/archives/arisaema-l.html>. Just search on "rust".
The organism is identified and some suggestions on how to deal with it are


At 07:13 AM 6/3/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>My friend Pat sent me this question. I don't know the
>answer, but I've heard of some kind of rust we are
>supposed to worry about. Can someone answer this
>> Henry,
>> One of my jack-in-the-pulpits is covered with a
>> yellow/gold mildewish type
>> powder (all over the leaves and down toward the
>> stem). Any idea what it is?
>> I imagine I should cut  it off and throw it
>> away...but should I dig it up?
>> I appreciate any thoughts you have on it, even if
>> it's that I should call
>> the U.
>> --Pat
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