New IAS website additions

Wilbert Hetterscheid hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Wed Feb 26 17:22:18 CET 2003


There are some additions visible on the IAS website. Thomas Mottl and I have
uploaded the following items:

1) a Stylochaeton species list + two links to pix
2) a Cyrtosperma species list + links to pix and Julius Boos' original page
3) three extra pix-links of Dracontium (D. ulei, nivosum and spruceanum)
4) extra pix on some Arisaema pages (concinnum, elephas, flavum, speciosum)
5) new pix-pages of Arisaema costatum & A. tortuosum
6) New pix of Typhonium trilobatum
7) new pix of Arum maculatum, dioscoridis and hygrophilum
8) new pix of Dracunculus vulgaris
9) a new species list page on Gonatopus + links to pix

For this Thomas and I like to thank for contributions by Martin Neitz,
Dietmar Kiehlmann, Pierre Ibisch, David Scherberich. Thanks guys, and we are
ready for more by other people too!!!!!!

Wilbert & Thomas

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