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welcome Yann!  I too am newly in love with the genera of Arisaema.  I =have lots of A. triphyllum and A. sikkokianum that I grow and propogate. =Maybe we can trade?  Send me your address and when the seeds are ready =I can probably send some your way.  This is a really good group!  I have =learned lots of info and heard some really funny stuff as well.  Take =care
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Hi all,
As a new member on the list I'd like to introduce myself:
French, aged 49,we live in Brittanny, north west of France, close to the =Channel, in zone 9, normally mild winter, but during this one we =experienced two cold snaps, one at this moment (minimum -2=B0C).Summers =are cool due to the permanent sea breeze.
Our garden (1000 m2) is 13 years old planted mostly with palmtrees( =about 100 of them), Treeferns and others architectural plants, bambous, =Eucalyptus, Cannas, succulents and other "exotics". I have also a small =collection of insectivorous plants outside. In the greenhouse some more =tender tropical plants, indoor as well to the despair of my english wife =who says she feels invaded...
I only discovered the Arisaema last year (on photos), which explain I =have only three species: 1 Arisaema candissimum,1 A.consanguineum,1 =A.tortuosum bought as tubers, which floorished last summer .Now I have =seen them"in the flesh",I must admit I fell in love and I intend to =expand my collection  noticeably from this year onwards...
I am sure I will get a lot of interesting informations and contacts =through this list.

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