Fw: ID help, please -- urgent

Pacific Rim paige at HILLKEEP.CA
Fri Feb 14 20:48:15 CET 2003

Thank you, all, for your suggestions (both online and off) about the ID of
my friend's clump of  green and white Arisaema. I have forwarded the lot to

Jim McClements raises my own concern. The leaves on these plants have three
leaflets. The slide does not show characters very clearly but I have
badgered my friend on this issue. Three leaflets is correct.

I understand that amurense when immature has three leaflets.

But do some forms of amurense, in maturity, have three leaflets?

Or is it possible for every individual in a big clump of amurense to be
immature for years? The slide I scanned was taken in 1998 or 1999; in 2002
the plants again had three leaflets.

One correspondent says that stock received from Moscow as A. "bockii," which
has three leaflets, was later determined as A. amurense; but that this was
not published.

Anyone who came in late can see the plants I asked about here

And pictures of "bockii" at the bottom of the Arisaema amurense page at

Paige Woodward
paige at hillkeep.ca

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