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I am definitely not a master id'er (is that a word?) but to me that sure =looks like all the triphyllums I grow in Michigan.  As for the =exceptionally large pseudostem, maybe it was feed Wheaties?!?  Hope this =helps...

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Subject: ID help, please -- urgent

Hello, all.

A friend with a deadline of today urgently needs a name for an Arisaema =in
his collection. Since time is short, I have posted a picture at the top =of
the page at

I'm hoping you experts will blow this plant's cover too fast to make =posting
a picture to the Utrecht ID site worthwhile; but I'd be happy to post =there,
too; am not snubbing Utretcht. 8-)

This Arisaema was received several years ago as A. uralense
(which seems not to exist). It rapidly forms clumps. It looks a lot like
Arisaema triphyllum. Its pseudostem seems exceptionally thick, however, =and
in Zone 8 it flowers in March-April, rather than in May-June. It has =already
breached the ground.

I finally received my copy of The Genus Arisaema only yesterday. It
apparently circled the planet somewhere beyond the asteroid belt belt =for
months before reaching me. Anyway, I am not yet in a position to hazard =any
guesses about the ID of any Arisaema.

Hoping for a swift diagnosis

Paige Woodward
plants at

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