New links 'n stuff

Wilbert Hetterscheid hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Tue Feb 11 20:07:21 CET 2003


Thanks to the generosity of Anne Chambers, Jim McClements, Marc Gibernau and
Guy Gusman, there are several new links on line. They will be famous soon,
so join them and see if you have fine scans for the website.

1) several extras in Arisaema (new links and added pictures: omkoiense,
triphyllum, erubescsnce, wardii, franchetianum, candissimum, ciliatum,
concinnum, flavum, limbatum, lobatum, saxatile, sazensoo, serratum

2) then new links in the genera Dracunculus, Helicodiceros, Arum.

In the process: new Arums (by Arno Clement), Ulearum, Mangonia,
Pseudohydrosme, Pycnospatha, Spathantheum and Taccarum.

Till the next update.


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