Yinger Fire

Tony Avent tony at PLANTDEL.COM
Tue Feb 4 18:39:09 CET 2003

Friends and Customers of Asiatica Nursery:

As an update to the news of the fire at the home of Barry Yinger and Andy
Wong of Asiatica Nursery, I spoke with Barry this morning and promised to
post an update.  Barry was in Thailand at the time of the fire and Andy was
home.  According to Barry, Andy managed to escape the house just seconds
before the house exploded and burst into flames.  The explosion was due to
a fire that seems to have started in the heating unit, which was encased in
the floor.

The house, an old converted barn on the family farm where Barry had grown
up, had been extensively renovated over the last several years.  The house
contained all of Asiatica's business records, Barry entire slide collection
and extensive horticultural library.  Essentially, everything is a total
loss.  Barry and Andy were left with only the clothes that they had with
them.  The greenhouse where the nursery plants are grown was unaffected.

Barry does plan to rebuild on the same site, but indicated that it will
take at least another month to clear the debris from the old barn.  He does
have phone service again, and expects to be back on line in a couple of
weeks.  He will also be updating the Asiatica website in the next couple of

Barry asked that anyone who had sent orders for the spring to please
resend those.  I know that our hearts go out to Barry and Andy, as few of
us can imagine the loss through which they are suffering.

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