phylogeny of Arisaema

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phylogeny of ArisaemaHello Susanne.  Don't know if I emailed you before, =but I cannot  open the attachments to this and other messages you just =sent out.  In what format are they?   Adam Fikso    Glenview, IL

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Subject: phylogeny of Arisaema

This morning, Wilbert Hetterscheid wrote that he and others are =working on up-dating the International Aroid Society website, including =the species list for Arisaema.  I am attaching a 

The fossil record of Arisaema goes back about 10-15 million years (= =Miocene Arisaema infructescences from Spokane and Denver), and many =species appear to be much younger than that.

Susanne Renner
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