triphyllum ssp. quinatum

aaron floden aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM
Fri Apr 25 02:31:56 CEST 2003

Hello again to all,

I was out looking at all my collections of Arisaema
triphyllum and noticed that one of them has its flower
stem seperate from the leaf, so I went and looked at
all the others to make sure that this may be normal,
but this one is the only one. Not that it matters but
it is different. It is also the form I found last year
with silver veins.

And on the quinatum, I have also found triphyllum
with the "thumbs" on the leaves, but they are not
there every year. the quinatum alwaus have had five
leaflets when mature. If I do get a decent seed set on
the 'quinatum' I would be glad to share/trade.

--- Petra Schmidt <petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM> wrote:
> We've got this growing here and in most plants, it
> does show 5 leaflets
> although I've seen a plant or two with the fifth
> leaflet not quite separated
> from the fourth leaflet.  I have also seen blooming
> plants with one but
> mostly two leaves per plant, and the inflorescence
> does, indeed, have a
> curve to apex portion.  Our plants growing here in
> the garden were North
> Carolina collected a few years ago.  Last summer a
> visitor stopped by the
> garden here and he had just collected ssp. quinatum
> from another area in
> North Carolina and we now have a few plants of that
> growing as well...will
> keep you posted (photos/details) once they're up and
> blooming this year.
> Petra Schmidt
> Research Manager
> Juniper Level Botanic Gardens @ Plant Delights
> Nursery
> 9241 Sauls Road
> Raleigh, NC 27603-9326 USA
> petra at

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