five-leaved Alabama

aaron floden aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 24 00:40:14 CEST 2003

I must agree with Barry and Jim that these plants are
different from triphyllum.
I made mention of one I found in Kansas with 5
leaflets, but it reverted. All the others that I have
collected from Alabama and Georgia are consistent
every year with five leaflets and a later bloom. A few
more robust plants do put out two leaves, but most
often only one. For some odd reason though I have
never looked at the spadix on these plants, though I
will check when they open.
I have found a "triphyllum"  in North Carolina that
tops out at 6 inches with an inflorescence resembling
a miniature lichiangense with the slender curved

--- Barry Yinger <asiatica at NNI.COM> wrote:
> The plant that Jim McClements mentions is common in
> places in central
> Alabama where it grows in wet places with triphyllum
> but blooms later.
> It usually has one leaf with five fully formed
> leaflets.  As Jim noted,
> the spadix is slender and inclined forward to the
> front of the spathe
> tube, quite different from triphyllum that I have
> seen.  In this
> respect it resembles the spadix of A. yamatense.
> Barry Yinger
> USDA Zone 6
> Lewisberry, Pennsylvania USA

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