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> What you say about A. quinatum is exactly what we noticed. The presence of a
> 5-foliolate leaf is not a stable character. That's why Treiber, in his
> study of A. triphyllum (1980, PhD Thesis), includes A. quinatum in subsp.
> pusillum, a plant from SE USA.
> On the other hand, A. stewardsonii, is quite different and deserves a
> subspecies status. In our collection also, it flowers later than A.
> triphyllum subsp. triphyllum.
> Best regards.

I think that there may be 2 different plants involved here. This was
discussed a few years ago when David Mellard   talked about the five-leaflet
form of A. triphyllum being variable, and with the young plants often having
the 4th and 5th leaflet expressed as "thumbs" arising from the outer 2 large
leaflets. He sent me plants of this and that's what they look like.

However, I have seen what could well be a different species, having 5
leaflets, but also having a different configuration of the spadix, thin and
inclined forward instead of the typical erect and somewhat thick spadix of A.
triphyllum. I got one of these from Barry Yinger, but mangaged to kill it. I
think that Barry had found it in Alabama.

I really wonder if Huttleston and/or Treiber ever saw plant #2. I certainly
agree that "thumbs" is A. triphyllum, but have some doubts about the other

As for A. stewardsonii, if it were Chinese, it would certainly be a different
species. Perhaps even a different genus!!


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