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Hi everyone;


I=92m Bj=F8rnar Olsen, and I live in the south of Norway, near the city
Kristiansand. My garden is somewhere between US zone 7 and zone 8, but I
constantly get surprised about what survives and what dies. I=92ve been
growing plants my whole life (not that long..); and I=92ve been growing =A.
candidissimum and A. amurense for several years. I have recently bought
several new Arisaemas, and I am hoping to learn more about cultivation
and hardiness, and hopefully also get some ID=92s. Woodlands in general
are my favourite plants; they are also the ones best suited for the
climate here in Marnardal; but I am also growing several Convolvulaceae
and some alpines. 


I am looking forward to participate in, and learn a lot from this list.



Bj=F8rnar Olsen, Marnardal, Vest-Agder, Norway; USDA zone 7-8

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