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Kathy Guest Irisborer at AOL.COM
Mon Apr 21 09:04:49 CEST 2003

In a message dated 21/04/03 00:06:18 GMT Standard Time,
andrew.houghton5 at BTOPENWORLD.COM writes:

<< I work for Cotswold garden flowers here in the UK, where I first saw
arisaema's being grown. Immediately became smitten and am building up a
reasonable collection. >>

Hi Andrew:

Kathy Guest here from the Buffalo, New York area - but currently in the UK
visiting my future husband.  I wish I had read this a week ago and would have
shamelessly turned up on your doorstep.

We have not seen a many arisaema while here although we traveled to all kinds
of gardens and garden centers....  The closest I've seen are arums - except
for a few ringens in a greenhouse/alpine house at Wisley.  Seems like you've
got the climate for them, however (except that these two weeks have been
incredibly sunny and warm).

Let me know where you are and maybe we can meet on another trip.

Kathy Guest
northeast London, but returning to Buffalo today

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