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lesley cox galaplantsandlesley at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 19 04:14:36 CEST 2003

Hello to all members of Arisaema-L and the AEG.

My name is Lesley Cox and I live near the city of Dunedin on the lower east
coast of the South Island of New Zealand. We have a very mild climate here,
able to grow such things as Vireya rhododendrons in small microclimate
areas, but at the same time, winters are cold enough for really good
snowdrops, erythroniums and paeonies, all cold climate plants. Officially,
this is Zone 9.

My greatest plant loves are alpines, small bulbs, (including arisaema,
trillium, fritillaria and thousands more)and the genus Iris especially.

Arisaemas fascinate me with their wonderful shapes and colours and so it's a
great thrill to be included on this list and as a member of AEG.

I'm currently beginning to pick the seeds from A. consanguineum and AA.
ciliatum and flavum seed for me too but not others as yet. I have 22 species
here, but some are quite new and very young. Nine seeds from the AGS have
just germinated, of A. elephas.

I look forward to taking part in this list and also to hearing and learning
from other members.

Lesley Cox, Dunedin, NZ - Zone 9 (mintemp -3C)

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