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Subject: odd white aphids on tubers?
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Today, I dug three separate clumps of native A. triphyllum from an
area I'm clearing and found on two of them that the tubers and necks
of the stems below ground, as well as some smaller totally dormant
tubers in the clump were thickly covered with a white insect that I
think was some sort of aphid.  Has anyone ever found this before?  I
squashed the critters and cleaned up the tubers before replanting.

I've never seen it before.  These clumps were not growing in the same
place; each about 6 to 10 feet from the next.  The foliage is
starting to die back, but that's happening on all of mine now and two
of the clumps each contained one plant with berry clusters.  I've had
my eye on them all summer and been watering in this drought - they
seemed to be happy and healthy.

The other point of interest (to me anyway) is that each clump
contained one or two odd elongated tubers that hardly look like they
are Arisaema; look more like  a rhizome than a tuber.  I replanted
them, too, tho' I do not know if they ever do anything.  What are
they and do they ever grow stems or become round tubers like normal

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
mtalt at
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