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To those who are eagerly awaiting Guy Gusman's book, I had an E-Mail from
Koeltz publications last week to say publication is a couple of weeks awa=y
All seems to be very quiet on the northern hemisphere front! In New Zeala=nd
we're watching carefully for movement on the Arisaema front!
Having read so much about A. sikokianum regressing I found my original on=e,
which a couple of years ago I was so proud of, looking very spindly. I ha=ve
dug it out of the garden, potted it up and will feed it copiously. Will i=t
fill out again, I wonder.
A. exappendiculatum - I bought 2 some years ago. One flowered 2 years ago=-
the purple form - which is quite beautiful. The other did its thing last
year and was a green one. Both multiply rapidly as does A. penninsulae, I
have found (behaves like Pinellia ternata!).
Time for another wander around the pots to see if anything has moved sinc=e
lunch time!

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