About Arisaema sikokianum

aaron floden aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 29 01:02:32 CEST 2002

I  bought a sikokianum from a Heronswood in '98 and
planted it in clay that turned to rock by mid summer.
The next year it came up and bloomed. The year after
that 2 separate stems came up, the original blooming.
The offset with silver centered leaves and the
original plain green( this has also happened with
consanguineum. Is that common?). I decided to move
them into "better" soil with more organic material and
they came up earlier and were frozen off for 2 years.
Both of them are now dead. It seems the clay kept the
moisture away until a week or 2 later than the loamy
soil and they sprouted later or grew slower in the
Stilwell KS
zone 5 with lots of freezing and thawing in late winter

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