A. lingyunense: Kaichen #114 - 2002

Danielle sales at SESSLERINC.COM
Wed May 29 23:00:40 CEST 2002

Greetings all,

Some discussion earlier regarding A. lingyunense, Kaichen #114, actually
being lost species giganteanum (sp?).

What is the status on this?

Mine has just flowered and looks like the flora of China plates, with
exception to the size and shape of the tuber, which is twice as long as
Very dark, almost black, spathe with wonderful clear fenstrations in the
hood.  The opening and hood are a bit more narrow than the illustration
represents, the hood is "pinched" or domed looking.
Super long (easily 16 inches) dark reddish/purple thready spadix with a
little nob at the end.  Actually still caught up in the rolled leaves and
hanging out the other end!
Both flower and leaf occur at same time.  Right now the leaf is at about 2
feet high, keeps growing taller everyday.

Interested in hearing how others are experiencing this plant.

Definately my new favorite... until the next one comes up.

Danielle Sessler
Edgewood, WA USA

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