Craig on Seedx

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Sat May 25 17:41:42 CEST 2002

Hello all....
I am back on line at my old e-mail address of craigs at
Any of you who responded to the message posted April 12,  "AEG
SEEDEX MAILINGS", have had seed mailed through to the week ending
Thanks to Keith who helped sort, bag, and label the incoming
seed as well as filling and mailing out many of your seed requests while
I was away in Wales (great country to garden in!!).  If you have not
received your seed please let me know at craigs at
Ray had provided me with an up to date list of mailing labels so
I can check all mailings against this list. Thanks Ray.
We received only 100 responses from over 200 members for seed so
don't be shy.  Now that I have internet service again, and have closed
my Harrison Green Garden Design company I should be able to react more
quickly to any inquiries.
Once I have reacted  to any inquiries of non receipt I will post
another message regarding long overdue changes to the AEG SEEDX.
Right now I am wading through several hundred old messages.

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