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Al Wootten awootten at NRAO.EDU
Thu May 23 15:58:21 CEST 2002

Petra's great article in Fine Gardening suggests that A. sikokianum
doesn't produce offsets.  Mine certainly doesn't have one in its
second year...but it had a great bloom!

Clear skies,
Gene Bush writes:
> Hello Danielle,
>     You would be the expert on this one... I was never able to keep A.
> sikokianum alive enough years in a row to find out if they produced
> off-sets. Three years was maximum number of years, last two of their lives
> would have been very ragged and non-productive.
>     Anyone one else out there with practical experience on off-sets from
> this species?
>     Gene E. Bush
> Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
> www.munchkinnursery.com
> genebush at munchkinnursery.com
> Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana
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> From: "Danielle" <sales at sesslerinc.com>
> > Jim, Gene and all,
> >
> > Didn't I read here lately that A. sikkokianum won't produce offsets?
> > Only way to get more plants is by seed.
> > I've had mine for 5 years now (it was mature when I bought it) and it has
> > yet to produce offsets.
> >
> > Danielle Sessler

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