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> Here at home, I found that the new bulbs of Arisaema candidissimum and A.
> fargesii, planted in April, have still not come up.  The 3-year-old bulbs
> of AA. sikokianum, ringens, and thunbergii are still blooming but A.
> sanzensoo is showing only one leaf this year, and no sign of an
Hello Jim.
I have A. candidissimum and fargesii... they are not due up as yet in
our area. A. candid. will be emerging before long now, but A. fargesii will
not emerge until around the middle to last of June.
> One of the bulbs of A. triphyllum I got from Gene Bush a couple of years
> ago is now huge -- the leaves are at least 3 ft tall.  The calyx is light
> green with lighter green stripes.  I'll have to get a picture of it today.
> Do Arisaema species, especially those I have mentioned (ringens,
> sikokianum, and thunbergii), ever produce offsets?  Those that I planted 3
> years ago do not seem to have done so.
A. ringens will produce offsets... just takes a while for it to happen.
Mine is many years old now and finally has produce three off sets. A. sikok.
I have had in the past and it gets killed off due to awakening in February,
then hit by frost and freeze. Trying it once more with a stain raised from
seed grown in Maine. We will see.

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