Nancy Swell nswell at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon May 20 05:01:10 CEST 2002

>Now... a question. I have the green-leafed variety of Pinellia cordata, from
>Chen Yi(A-99). I have noted with this one that they develop bulbils on the
>stems, is this a norm for this sp?

Any Pinellia grows from seed and some grow from bulbils, P. cordata among
them. As far as I am concerned, all Pinellia are weeds. I had P. cordata a
few years ago, and was afraid to plant it. Got another Pinellia after being
assured that it was not a weed. It was. I am finally rid of it. Now, if I
could just get rid of the variegated Houttuynia cordata........ Nancy

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