Seedling observations (a correction)

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Fri May 17 12:36:15 CEST 2002

>Anyway, given I have around 8 or 9 species as mature plants it is
>fascinating to see the different leaves that are emerging this year.  There
>was variability within the first leaves on the seeds, but this second
>season is really starting to show just what the adult leaves are going to
>look like I figure.  I have everything from serated leaves to single simple
>leaf-blades, three part, 5-part and some radial designs.  I had no idea
>that the leaves were this variable between species.

Howdy again All,

I realised on rereading this that this paragraph was confusing.  I had
meant to say that I have 8 or 9 mature species with about 3 or 4 obvious
leaf types between them, but the aray on the seedlings produced so many
more variables.

So.... my observations regarding leaf shapes was on the emerging leaves of
the new seedlings, rather than the 8 or 9 mature species.  It will also be
interesting to record the leaves as they appear now, and then compare them
to their appearance when they get to maturity.

Thought I had better correct that as it read wrong.  Guess I'm too enthused
about the seedlings and didn't read the message properly before I sent it.
Sorry for the extra message.


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