Arisaema giganteum...alive and well

Wilbert Hetterscheid hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Thu May 16 18:59:27 CEST 2002

It grows up to 1.5 meter tall (the leaf that is). The inflorescence is much
shorter and actually a bit small in comparison to the leaf. It is the same
picture as in galeatum. As for how it looks: imagine a galeatum spathe, then
increase it twice, turn the colour into purple with white stripes and
enlarge the "ears" of the spathe hood by 3 to 5 times and give it a whitish
strong reticulation (not unlike as in Ar. griffithii), and there you have
this beauty. It is temperate but I cannot comment on frost-resistance.
Wouldn't try it.


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> Onderwerp: Re: Arisaema giganteum...alive and well
> How big does it get? Like the early photos I've seen? Is it temperate
> growing? What do the flowers look like?
> Bonaventure
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> Thanks Wilbert,
> I actually have this plant under a series of collection
> numbers from the
> expedition and 'giganteum' was a pet name given to it by
> Greg. I didn't
> think the name would stick so I am glad you have cleared it up.
> I get flowers every year now and it still amazes me.
> Long live A. dahaiense !
> cheers,
>        Rob.

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