A. undulatum

A. L. Clement al.clement at PLANET.NL
Sat May 11 20:16:25 CEST 2002

Dear all

I have received a few months ago a plant under the name A. lobatum, the
plant has now a flower and this name is not correct. The plant has an
radiated leaf, but it is different from all my A. ciliatum's and A.
consanguineum's. The leaf has 9 leaflets, they are wider than the leaflets
of A, ciliatum and the margins of the leaf is wavy (I believe this is called
The inflorescence is like A. ciliatum but without ciliae, most of the
inflorescence is green with white line's. The spathe blade is red on the
outside but green on the inside. The spadix is covered with purple male
flowers and the appendix is clavate.
I have tried with the Flora of China to find out what for plant this is and
I came up with the name A. undulatum. Can anyone tell me if this is correct,
or is it a strange A. consanguineum/A. ciliatum.


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