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Danielle sales at SESSLERINC.COM
Sat May 11 05:11:09 CEST 2002

Greetings Carolyn and George,

Strange....my tripyllum's are just emerging.  Not a peep from candidissimum
which usually isn't up till July, nor griffithii which I should check on as
it is usually poking by mother's day.  Sikokianum is in it's glory and
ringens is just fading.

All of my species are in the ground.  Do you think this is why they are all

Our spring has been unusually cold too, which is probably a factor with the
triphyllum and griffithii.

Danielle Sessler
Edgewood, WA.

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Subject: Re: Fertilizer???

Hi Carolyn,

Most of my jacks and amorphs are in the ground and they come up a very
different times. A. ringens is always early and in full reglia now but
almost going over. A. candidissimum is just peeking through the soil. A.
saxitale, robustum, angustatum in full bloom, A. sikokanum gone over, and
all the green triphyllums are setting seed, but the purple ones are in
bloom. Here a colony of purple triphyllums is always about 2-3 weeks behind
the small and giant green ones. I do not know why. All collected in about
the same area. I think in your case, you bring the jacks out all together
into the spring warmth and they all start shooting up at the same time,
triggered by watering and warmth, maybe. Btw, I have some potted A. konjac
and they need repotting every year, getting larger all the time, some 6-7
feet tall. A pain because the winds turn over the pots. You almost have to
stake them. I like them better in the ground but they need sheltered area so
the winds don't brake the pulpy stems. I use Osmocote on everything, one
dose in late April and that is it.

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From: Carolyn
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Subject: Fertilizer???

Hello all!

It's interesting that all the Arisaema emerge at the same time!! I have
a pot with several species that is brought in over the winter, and the
A. triphyllum is, of course, all over the back garden. All the pips are
up and growing at the same rate!

My question is about fertilizer. The A. triphylluum outside just do
their thing... big corms from small with absolutely no attention. But
the corm A. konjac, inside, has reduced in size.

Should I take special measures to help the corms in the pot? Fertilizer
or soil composition????

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NYGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer
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