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If the AEG can make some kind of an arrangement for a bulk shipment count me in as
one of the first customers. I have been waiting for this for a long time! Ann
Kline, Falls Church, Virginia   USA USDA Zone 7A  (Min. winter time. 0 - 5 degrees

Chris Wilhoite wrote:

> Good Morning all;
> I know many of you will be interested in this. It was in the Koeltz
> Electronic Newsletter this morning.
> Book ID: (081393)
> GUSMAN, GUY AND LILIANE GUSMAN:  The Genus Arisaema. A Monograph for Botanists
> and Nature Lovers. 2002. 475 colour photographs. Approx. 200 line -drawings. 17
> tabs. Approx. 450 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 3-904144-91-X)
> PRICE: 83.00 EURO/US $83.00
> Due July / August 2002. Orders will be recorded.- Contents (main headings):
> Introduction/ Morphology (Main parts, roots, stem and phyllotaxis, shoot and
> leaf, inflorescence and sex, fruiting, spike and seed, germination)/ Arisaemas
> in Chemistry and Medicine/ Arisaemas in the Wild and in Cultivation
> (Distribution, growing conditions in the open, hardiness and winter protection,
> feeding, pests and diseases, flowering period in the garden)/ Propagation
> (Vegetative multiplication, seed production in the garden, sowing)/ Systematics
> ( History of the genus, recent methods of investigation, diagnosis of
> the genus,
>   key to sections and subsections, clades uesed to keying species)/ Taxonomic
> Treatment (Species by sections, doubtful or incompletely known species,
> hybrids)/ Glossary / Index to Species Names. - Arisaemas have become
> increasingly
> popular and highly praised for their sculptural aspect and their intriguing
> inflorescences. The genus' fascination is also increased by a phenomenon unique
> in Araceae: the change of sex that these plants undergo many times during their
> lifetime. This book covers all frost - resistant species, whose exotic look
> makes them great woodland garden plants, and tropical species suited for the
> cool greenhouse. It provides descriptions of all species, keys for their
> identification, plus information on their growing conditions in the wild and
> advice for their cultivation and propagation.
> I think this book has been in the works for some time.
> Chris Wilhoite
> 1325 Fairbanks Drive
> Carmel, IN 46033-2333

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