Greg's seedlings still growing

Diane Whitehead ua024 at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Mon May 6 00:13:44 CEST 2002

A group of us in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, pooled our money and
bought a full share in Greg Ruckert's China expedition.  We divvied up the
seeds equally, and I got one of most offerings, and occasionally two or
three.  19 species germinated for me - ie the radicle emerged - but I
didn't make note of how many produced cotyledons or leaves.  Now I have
just searched my collection of pots and find that one, #8841 (A. bogneri)
has three corms, and that is the sum total of my investment adventure. The
other pots are empty.

My bogneri is currently still dormant, but I hope I will be able to donate
seed - surely with three plants that will be possible.

What about the rest of the group?

I have noticed that Roy Herold sometimes uses a similar numeric code for
his seed donations.  Are these from plants grown from Greg's seeds?

The seeds that germinated for me were numbered thusly:
8630, 8841 (still alive)
9222, 9417, 9549, 9554
9614, 9654, 9657, 9660, 9661, 9665, 9669, 9671, 9674, 9677, 9678
10112, 10113

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
zone 8, cool mediterranean climate (rainy winter, dry summer)

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