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John Bobbit had another encounter with his latest girlfriend.  When
this lady tried to get him 'ol John got wise and jerked sideways
quickly only to receive a 17 stitch gash in his leg.  The woman is
now up on charges of misdeweanor!

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>Well, hey, look at John Bobbitt. He's got less now but has certainly been
>getting more!...
>Get well soon,


Actually I think I read somewhere that he's had another operation and now
has more than he did in the first place anyway.

It just goes to show that some of the most unfortunate things (Ouch!) can
sometimes lead to positive (??) outcomes <big grin>.

Ray, I hope everything goes safe and well and we have you back soon pain
free and smiling (and not just from the painkillers!! <grin>).  Good Luck!


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