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Hello Ray.  Where on earth did you get the idea of a couple of days
recovery?  Do you have only the one disc blown?..  More like two weeks, for
young people., like my 32 year-old daughter.  But then everyone's different.
Two or three days bed rest, after they let you out of the hospital

In any case--I'm sure that all of us wish you good luck , and a speedy
recovery.  The list can wait.  Regardless of your tender ministrations, it
doesn't need you all the time.  .
Adam  Fikso   Zone 5 (sort of ) Illinois.

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> Folks,
> I'll be out of touch for a few days starting tomorrow. Surgery
> at 3:00 and a couple of days recoup. So please allow for
> a slow response to youe E-mails.
> I'm going to see how a plant feels when it gets pruned.
> Ray

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