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Sun Mar 31 12:53:30 CEST 2002

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At 07:58 PM 31.3.02 +1000, Paul Tyerman wrote:
>Is that a help?  I'm just trying to outline what I do so that you know t=hat
>you don't HAVE to use the Deno method for germinating.  I hope this is o=f
>some use to you (and anyone else who is reading)

Hi Paul .. thank you!

- of course it helps me since I am a newbie to this plant in general. At
least it will be a helpt for next time I sow - I am emptied for seeds now.

The seedlings I was so excitied about already ARE sown and germinating ...
not after DENO metode and not lik you did ...

I have 9 seedlings comming up in the same pot .. and I doubt they can sta=y
in there for so very long?  And since I probably need to transplant them =I
was think now, or soon, might be better than later?

.. please don't apologize about mispelling and wrong language Paul .. wha=t
should *I* say then .. English is not my native language at all and
sometimes I do say the things very wrong .. but hope you forgive and

Arnhild - Hardanger in Norway - USDA zone 7-8

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