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Hi Ray and all,

Thanks for the list of names.  Since I was fishing for cold-hardy species=,
I assume that these are all are found in nature in areas that have some
cold temperatures?  According to the "RHS Manual of Bulbs," John Bryan,
editor (Timber Press, 1995), Z. pentlandii is from the Transvaal and Z.
jucunda is from the "Lulu Mountains" in southern Africa.  Nighttime winte=r
temperatures in the Transvaal are said to get pretty cold in some areas,
certainly often below freezing during the dark hours.  The Manual does no=t
cover ZZ. odorata and valida, and I'm not familiar with either one.

Which brings up my next question:  What is the best reference book on
Zantedeschia now in print?  The aroids are generally not well covered in
the books I have accumulated in the past.

Maybe I should re-phrase my question to everyone thusly:  What is YOUR
favorite reference book on these plants?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

At 09:58 PM 3/26/02 +0100, Ray wrote:
>There's Z. pentlandii, Z.  jucunda, Z. odorata, and Z. valida.
>Good luck on finding all but pentlandii.
>For hybrids, there's The Oregon Bulb Company
>Their stuff is beautiful.
>Geerlings <>
>they have nearly everything in hybrids.

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