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> Both are described in detail in document aroid012.pdf available on the =AEG
> documents site. There are too many differences for me to give you a
> "one-liner" answer. Look it up. You'll be amazed how interesting this]
> document is.
> Ray

I have searched for information, before asking if somebody know what the
status is of A. angustatum . And I have read document aroid012 I have als=o
seen document aroid016, aroid010 and aroid048. They contain conflicting
information so I turned to the AEG for help, but I received again
conflicting information.
I think that I go with G. Gusman the description of the plant and the
pictures which I have seen of them are very similar and the information o=f
J. Murata is, so far I now, the latest.


> At 08:45 PM 3/25/2002 +0100, you wrote:
> >Dear all
> >
> >Can somebody tell me the difference between A. serratum and A.
angustatum. I
> >know that they are very similar, and that A. serratum has serrated lea=fs.
> >But is this the only difference or are there other.
> >Or is A. angustatum a syn. of A. serratum.
> >
> >Arno
> >

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