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Dear all,

The list Ray has posted during the current thread on ID's of Chen
Yi-material was posted by Wilbert Hetterscheid and me in November of last
year. In the meantime some of the latest imports have flowered here in
Holland and it seems the following ID's can be made:

A-21: this is a correction to our previous identification and it seems A-=21
is in reality Pinellia pedatisecta.
A-22: another form of A. rhizomatum
A-32: seems to be correctly identified by Chen Yi. It is very similar in
habit to A. auriculatum but has smaller auricles and a truncate spadix
instead of a filiform one.
A-61: this is yet another form of lobatum with very broad, unmarked leafl=ets
and a pale green flower with a beige flush on the outerside of the spade
A-68: also seems to be correctly named by Chen Yi. It has 2 pedate leaves
(=/- 11 leaflets) with a comparitively big flower which has a very dark
purple innerside of the spathe blade.
A-112: It seems this year 2 different species are exported by her under t=his
number. The first shipments contained a species with a portruding fimbria=te
spadix appendix and seems very close to the Vietnamese A. victoriae and t=he
second shipments contained the same species as I recieved as A-83 3 years
ago (which is still unidentified as yet). Both imports are (semi-)evergre=en
species with glossy trifoliolate leaves. The leaves are very thick and ar=e
produced on 30 cm long, heavily marmored pseudostems. Both share a green
flower and a white spot in the throad. Unfortunately both do not resemble
the plant on Chen Yi's picture so I was wondering, has anyone ever reciev=ed
a rhizomatous species that produces 5 foliolate leaves without a pseudost=em
under this number?

Hope this helps.

Pascal Bruggeman

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