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Hello .  For those who might be interested. -- Re Z. aethiopica source.  =I
notice that Park's Countryside Gardens  (Park Seed Co.) has it at a
reasonable price this year., along with some hybrids.--3/$14.95, and
shipping now.  They have some other interesting aroids, but too tender fo=r
me:   e.g. Colocasia  "Black Magic"  .  Cheers, Adam Fikso, Glenview, IL =Z

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Subject: Re: Zantedeschia seed germination

> Ray and all,
> Thanks for the comments.  They are very helpful.  The first batch I tri=ed
> year ago were put in the cool greenhouse because I thought they needed =the
> temperature fluctuations.
> Would Z. x 'Schwartzwalder'  be the same as Z. 'Black Forest' by any
> chance?  We bought one tuber of that in May 1999 at our local garden sh=op
> and have had those beautiful purple-black flowers for 3 summers.  My wi=fe
> loves it!  We grow it in a 10-inch clay pot in straight Promix.  It sit=s
> bone dry under a bench in the greenhouse over winter.  Probably not har=dy
> here....?
> Jim Shields
> At 11:55 PM 3/19/02 +0100, Ray wrote:
> > >How well do Zantedeschia seeds retain viability
> >Just fine up to at least a year at room temp.
> >
> > >Do they germinate well when treated like Arisaema seeds?
> >Yes.
> >
> > > Do they require day/night temperature differences to germinate
> >No.
> >
> ><---snip--->
> >
> >I haven't had significant seed set from the hybrids though.
> >The ones we got from Oregon Bulb Nurseries (through the efforts of
> >Jeanne Hanna) are spectacular. And Z. x 'Schwartzwalder' from the
> >Netherlands is something to behold, nearly completely dark purple-blac=k.
> >There are two in bloom inside right now. They'll get planted out this
> >
> >Ray
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