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I appreciate your authoritative "civil servant talk!"  Ich haette sehr ge=rn
ein Stueck Schwarzwaelder gerade jetzt.  I always think of a Schwarzwaeld=er
Tort when I hear the word, "Schwarzwald".  The best I ever had was from a=n
Austrian restaurant in Zurich; but unfortunately, it went off the menu
there about 10 years ago.

Until we get DNA tests to confirm or refute it, I suppose we should assum=e
that the Zantedeschia 'Black Forest' is really Z. 'Schwarzwalder' with an
Americanized name.  Actually, I favor the second hypothesis I proposed to=o,
Ray, but "...innocent until proven guilty..." should probably be the rule.

We could defer to that other "rule," to the effect that "a rose by any
other name smells just as sweet" (more or less).

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

At 07:45 PM 3/21/02 +0100, Wilbert wrote:
>1) the translation is wrong indeed, as Schwarzwalder means "of the Black
>Forest" as in inhabitants of that region (as in "Ich bin ein
>Schwarzwalder" why did I think of THAT example........???)
>2) translations of cultivar epithets are not allowed by the Cultivated P=lant
>Nomenclature Code. They ought to remain as they were originally establis=hed.
>Transliterations are allowed (rendering a word in another script) follow=ing
>a set of standard transliteration tables as mentioned in the code.
>Translations are considered trade designations and have no official stat=us
>and may not be presented as the correct cultivar epithet. SO THERE!!!!!!=!!
>Well, that was enough civil-servant talk from me.

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