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I wondered about the "t".   But I knew Wilbert would have  the name
correct as registered.
That doesn't mean it's spelled correctly in German.

Thanks for your complement on my German, but I'm afraid it really is
pretty bad.
I was not very good at language, but, to my surprise, I still recognize a
few words
here and there.

Please, turn off HTML encoding in your E-mail program when posting to
Turn on "Plain Text" and save it. This is done in the "preferences" or
section of the program.

If you can't get AOL to tell you how to do this, you'll have to do it at
each message
as suggested in a recent posting on Arisaema-L. See copy appended below.

GRSJr at

>>>>>>Both AOL and Micro$oft are trying to force people to use their
software by making HTML their default and then making it difficult to one has sent me instructions to change AOL. I gather they
make it really difficult. Ray >>>>>>

Amen :-)

There is a handy "Unofficial AOL Email FAQ" at:

It is difficult but not impossible to make AOL send plain text messages.
is easier if the user creates a new message and addresses it to the list
rather than to just hit the reply-button. With a message devoid of
formatted text, it is then possible in most versions of AOL to highlight
whatever you write, right-click on it and choose a "normal" text option
from the window.

Anyone need e-mail help? try "Popular Mail Clients: Resource and Help
Pages" at

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