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Subject: Schwartzwalder.  Was: Zantedeschia seed germination
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So, is 'Black Forest' just the same cultivar with an anglicized version o=f
the registered name (Schwartzwalder) or is it a separate cultivar?

Or is it god-knows-what with a made-up name for purposes of marketing it =in
the U.S.?  Whatever it is, it is a pretty flower.

Jim Shields

At 05:59 PM 3/20/02 +0100, you wrote:
>Guys, the name IS 'Schwartzwalder' because that is how it was accepted i=n
>the statutory Plant Variety Rights Registers. So please, do not use
>'Schawartzwald' o.k.? Just a minor caution.... The name is also correct =as
>according to ICNCP (cultivated plant code) rules.
>The name is appropriate too because this is a REAL dark Spathe From Hell=! I
>have it growing pretty well.
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> > Aroids) [mailto:ARISAEMA-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL]Namens George R
> > Stilwell, Jr.
> > Verzonden: woensdag 20 maart 2002 2:41
> > Onderwerp: Re: Zantedeschia seed germination
> >
> >
> > Jim,
> >
> >  'Schwartzwalder'  is close to Black Forest. Schwartzwald
> > should be the
> > exact match I think.
> > The 'er' might denote one living/working there, but my high
> > school German
> > has faded terribly.
> > Anyway, I have no idea if the plants are the same, but it certainly
> > sounds as if they are.
> >
> > I'll be able to tell you how it does in zone 7 next year.
> >
> > Ray
> > GRSJr at
> >

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