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Ray, belatedly....but still hopefully relevant...

>>>>>>Both AOL and Micro$oft are trying to force people to use their
software by making HTML their default and then making it difficult to one has sent me instructions to change AOL. I gather they
make it really difficult. Ray >>>>>>

Amen :-)

There is a handy "Unofficial AOL Email FAQ" at:

It is difficult but not impossible to make AOL send plain text messages. =It
is easier if the user creates a new message and addresses it to the list
rather than to just hit the reply-button. With a message devoid of
formatted text, it is then possible in most versions of AOL to highlight
whatever you write, right-click on it and choose a "normal" text option
from the window.

Anyone need e-mail help? try "Popular Mail Clients: Resource and Help Pag=es" at

Please indulge me the soap-box for a bit: Through the generosity of the
Utrecht University and Botanic Gardens, we enjoy Listserv, a spendy
"Cadillac" amongst list software, with a archives in a dignified format.
There has been serious concern about gardening lists getting
"out-of-control" with repetitious boiler-plate and irrelevant clutter suc=h
as extensive quoting.  Not that we need to be stuffy or slavish about thi=s,
but please try to conserve. Since resources are not infinite, the
list-owners could be called upon to edit and mop-up the archives some day.
Been there, done that, not pretty.

I agree completely with Jim's comments about the benefits of re-visiting
subjects and don't mean to wet blanket ~any discussion here. We have unit=y
of purpose and can enjoy occasional light banter and friendship too. To
everything a time and place. ::smiles::

However you will acquire a very worthwhile skill when you learn to search
these archives and other plant resources on the 'net.

On my toolbox page, I also have a very informal "starter" article about
searching with loads of helps and links to better articles. For instance,
there is a link to a highly-acclaimed, Listserv-based, "The
Search-and-Ye-Shall-Find Tutorial" by Jared Weinberger. For your
convenience here it is access to it directly:

The above page includes help for searching both via the web and with e-ma=il

My "Toolbox Page", like all my pages, is strictly non-commercial: no
counter and no concern for "hits". Hope that it is helpful!

Wowey kazowey. All of my arisaema seed planted last year made it through
the winter and are again showing sprout: A. amurense robustum;
consanguineum; flavum; serratum peninsulae; candidissimum (not yet up, bu=t
healthy); nepenthoides; several kinds of sikokianum.

Cheers, Louise
Corvallis, ORegon
Pacific Northwest US, Cool mediterranean climate

Rock and Woodland Garden pages:
Flying Pages:
'net Administrator "Geek Page" for Internet and e-mail help

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