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Mon Mar 18 14:02:12 CET 2002

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Subject: Re: Welcome - and is my sowing right done?
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At 07:49 AM 18.3.02 EST, George R Stilwell, Jr. wrote:
>The very high humidity is ok while they are in the process of
>germinating, but excessive
>moisture may damage the seedlings once they put on a leaf. Just barely
>moist might be better.

-> ok .. then I will take off the domes as soon I see germinating=. I mixed
perlite into a homemade mix of peat and compost soilmix .. should be
sufficient 'air' in it I think

I guess I could find this is archive?  .. sorry if someone get irritated =of
my very ordinary beginner questions - I see that in lists sometimes some
use to tell newbies to go to archive in stead of using valuable time and
place in list. On the other side this is just a way to say hello in a few
mails and  might be a way to learn to know me for those of you who might
like to.

I got two very nice privat messages from two Swedes :) - did not give me
too big hopes about what will survive this far north .. but though .. I d=o
not try I do not know   --- my winters are not too cold only too long ..

A few Crocus just started to bloom here .. snowdrops and Erica seem to ha=ve
been going on since January .. not much spring yet here - only the birds
tells me it sure is on its way :)

Arnhild - Hardanger in Norway

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