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At 02:05 AM 18.3.02 +0100, George R. Stilwell, Jr. wrote:
>Please forgive me. I addressed your AEG info-pack to "Mr." instead of
>"Ms." I have much to learn about Norway and it's names.
-> Nothing to forgive :)
.. I am often confused by foreign names as well .. especially all kinds o=f
nick names you use to have in N.America .. sometimes it is the same for
male and female names!

I know for English speaking people my name is related to the male name
Arnold  .. while most Scandinavian and in many other not English native
speaking countries in Europe people will know that a name ending on *hild=*
is female name :)

>Anyway, welcome to AEG and Arisaema-L. How about it you Swedish
>Arisaema nuts, can you help out this charming lady with some
>tubers or seeds?

Would be nice to say hello to other Scandinavians even without any exchan=ge
now - because I am so new I do not have anything to send back!

I hope I did do any mistakes regarding my Britsh seeds though .. I have
them in small trays with high humidity - covered them a little bit with
peat - set them in light racks with about 25*C and 24 hours light where m=y
Hosta seedlings also are. Is this ok?

Arnhild - Hardanger in Norway

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