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Jim reported:
"One species was A. sikokianum, grown by
two gardens. A couple more reported having lost sikokianum."
Hardiness is one thing, and 'robustness' is another.  I recall within the=last
few days someone mentioning that their sikokianum had vanished.  Someone
emailed me last Fall with similar news.  Since then, as I've perused
Ellen's, Tony's and other catalogs, I've wondered which species might be
the most likely to be successful in my woeful excuse for a garden.  Perha=ps
this information would also be useful to botanic gardens who may wish
to augment their collections.

I'd be interested in hearing people's experiences...which arisaema specie=s
has done most well for you, and which has not?

I would guess A. draconitum and A. triphyllum must be among the more robu=st
varieties?  And A. sikokianum not?

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