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I understand.  My two versions of Excel, 97 and 2000, both refused to
recognize the file format of your *.WK4 files.  I don't have access to
Excel XP, and do not intend to ever upgrade to it.

I assume you have multiple tables or sheets in the files, related to one
another somehow?  Perhaps extracting each table individually into a WK1
file would work.  You would just have to export values rather than
formulae, and I would need to know the cross-referencing.  Anyway, it's
just a thought.  dBASE format would also work, as long as the
fields/columns common to different tables were named the same.

No one has so far told me they had the file in any format.  I can
understand reluctance to get involved, since I have distributed databases
myself in three different plant lists.  It's a lot of work.

Jim Shields

At 05:38 PM 3/14/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Who's Got Wot? uses features not available for .WK1 files. It would be
>gibberish in .wk1 form.
>I'll see if it translates to Excel.
>Sorry, my old Excel won't open .WK4 files. Perhaps your more modern Exce=l
>will. Check
>and see.
>GRSJr at
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