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Arisaema ternatipartitum (note correct spelling) is a very rare Japanese
species from the Japanese islands of Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu.

It has two leaves with 3 leaflets each.  The inflorescence blooms at the
leaves unfold. The spathe has interesting "ears" at the base of the
spathe hood.  The spadix is club-shaped.  It is unusual in that the corm
sends out rhizomes and forms new corms at the tips, forming open
colonies.  It is easily grown in rich, humusy soil in shade, hardy to at
least USDA Zone 6, probably much colder.

Barry R. Yinger
Pennsylvania, USA USDA Zone mid 6

"J.E. Shields" wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Can someone fill me in on Arisaema terratipartium?  I have not encounte=red
> this name that I can recall; it isn't in the "RHS Manual of Bulbs", Joh=n
> Bryan, editor (Timber Press, 1995).  Where does it come from?  What are=its
> closest relatives in the genus?
> I have a report that it did not survive outdoors in a Missouri garden. =Any
> comments?
> Thanks for any comments you can offer.
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
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> P.O. Box 92              WWW:
> Westfield, Indiana 46074, USA                   Tel. +1-317-896-3925

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