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Hi all,
Interesting discussions going around. Lots of it in archives. Donna Atwoo=d,
Wilbert Hetterscheid, and myself among others had participated in an
interesting discussion on registration in aroid-l. My latest hybridizatio=n
attempt remains in the same stage (harvested immature "seedules") in
stasis, in a damp paper towel (see December and January Arisaema-L
postings, triphyllum x consanguineum). Other "successes": of 8 2nd season
bulblets of triphyllum x taiwanense, a few came up in the garden last yea=r.
I hate disturbing them so we'll see what comes this spring. A triphyllum =by
nepenthoides pollen in its third year looked like nepenthoides in leaf -
definitely proclaiming itself not to be a triphyllum self-pollination
before rotting away. The last survivor of candidissimum x sikokianum look=s
large and firm just below the leaf litter on a portion of a raised bed in
the sunny front yard. Alas it appeared completely candidissimum
vegetatively, lacking any sikokianum distinctions, and will have to await
until blooming perhaps this year.
I have some triphyllum 'albescens' - approaching alba - seedlings up on
which I put Arum italicum last spring. Too early to tell what they are.
2000 and 2001 were bad years for infructesences not aborting. They usuall=y
did fine until prolonged hot spells or prolonged cloudy and wet periods. =By
the way, "album" (&my albescens) triphyllums are most likely cream and
apple-green striped, and Ari's put into cold storage for generally 3-4
months resume normal "springtime" growth when placed back into warm
Bonaventure W. Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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