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I am sure many other collectors keep records of their plant collections. =I
can only speak for myself but I give every Arisaema I add to my collectio=n a
personal number in 5 digits with the first 2 digits being the year and th=e
last 3 the number for that year. I know at least 1 collector that uses th=at
system too, Guy Gusman, but I'm sure others have equally effective system=s
to assign a unique number or code to each individual plant.

With each number I add data about the source of the plant, the origin (wi=ld
or cultivated) and other relevant information. I even used to note down t=he
flowering times for each individual plant but my collection has become to
big for that now (I still note that data down but I think I'm running 3
years behind feeding all into the computer......) The most important thin=g
to note down would be the source of a particular plant, whether it's wild
collected or from cultivated stock and from who you got it. If it's wild
collected, the collection number of the original seeds are the most
important data. Usually the collection number is accompanied by the locat=ion
of that collection and when that data is available it should be added too.

Most expeditions who collect seeds in the wild use a letter combination
followed by a number for each collection. The most important numbers for
Arisaema would be BSWJ (Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm), ACE
(Alpine Garden Society China Expedition), GG (Guy Gusman), CC (Chris
Chadwell), HWJCM (Crug-farm and Heronswood), HC & EDHCH & DJHC (Daniel
Hinckley, Eric Hammond, Heronswood Nursery) and maybe more I can't rememb=er
at this moment.

Every seed produced by these wild-collections should strictly speaking be
donated as "ex" followed by the collection number to make clear the
offspring is second generation of wild-collected plant material. Certainl=y
with the last thread on possible hybrids this seems to be very important.
Only offsets/stolons are genetically the same and the bigger one's
collection gets, the more likely hybrids will get in a collection . I
strongly advise anyone donating seeds to a seedex NOT to use their person=al
collection numbers for the seeds to avoid confusion with the wild-collect=ed
plant material. Most responsable collectors that collect a genus and at t=he
same time collect seeds of that genus in the wild use different numbers t=o
avoid confusion.

With the current imports from China it becomes somewhat more complicated
because the tubers are probably wild-collected but there is no way of
knowing that for sure. There has been a thread on the AEG about the way o=ne
has to refer to these imports because some are still unidentified (while
seeds of them becomes available) but I don't think a consensus was reache=d
on this subject. Chen Yi seems to be more consistent with her numbering t=han
in the past but it is by no means certain the same plant is recieved unde=r
the same number so personally, I use the year of the list (99 for instanc=e
for the list that appeared in the autumn of 1999) followed by her A-numbe=r
to refer to these plants. Has anybody a different system for referring to
Chen Yi-material so we can get a standard way?

Of course all this is meant to make it possible to retrace the origin of =the
Arisaema one grows. Either because a plant dies and you want to grow it
again or for conservation purposes so you can use a different clone to
pollinate a species and avoid incompatibility problems.
Is that what you wanted to know Jim?


PS. Aren't we all amateur plant collectors? I wish I were a professional
plant collector but I'm just a collector who's hobby got out of hand......

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Onderwerp: Re: More on conservation, and associated matters,
hybridization, genomes, etc

I didn't notice that anyone responded to my remarks about record
keeping.  Doesn't anyone other than Pascal and me keep records of their
plant collections?  If you do, I'd be interesting in hearing how you go
about it.  Pascal, have you any suggestions for amateur plant collectors =on
how to proceed with keeping records?

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