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Subject: mhomick at Arisaema Registration Authority

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Subject: Arisaema Registration Authority
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 17:28:36 -0500

George et al;
I have done some work (Lilium) for Dr. Alan Leslie who is the
Registrar for
Lilium as well as many other Genera. I keep the Lilium site up to
date as much
as possible as well as publish the unofficial version of the lilium
registry and
have all the information on a database under Microsoft Access.

I would be willing to help who ever may wish to step forward to
become the
Arisaema Registration Authority.  Ideally it would be nice to have it
under the
office of some permanent organization like the RHS or some other well

established group, but after saying this there are genera out there
that are
being registered under the umbrella of an organization like the AEG
or an
appointed individual.

The first step will be to determine by members of the AEG and other
parties whether a registrar is even needed. Perhaps presently there
is little
need but as Arisaema become more popular as gardens plants there will
people dabbing pollen. I see the Arisaema Genus currently where the
Genus was back in the 20's and 30's with only a few cultivars. A
quick check of
my Database show approximately 30 registered cultivars of unique
up to 1930.  Now a little over 70 years latter there are over 8000
registered with probably that many or more out in the trades that
people have
not bothered to register.

The second step would be the rules and regulations for registration
and I would
HIGHLY recommend that they follow those set out by the "International
Code of
Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants.

I am sure there are natural barriers between the species to
discourage the
possibility of hybridization ie, timing of flowering period, pollen
etc.  but most of the barriers have been overcome in Lilium and I am
sure they
will be torn down bit by bit in Arisaema.

Those within the AEG who are "purists" ie wish to keep the species
unique and
not interbreed will not be able to stop the "pollen dabbers" no
matter how hard
they wish to. And if Arisaema are to become garden plants not just
for those of
us who wish to take the time and care to nurture the species in the
climates we make for them,  there will have to be some hybridization,
or else a
strict species selection process that will result in such a narrow
gene pool of a
few selected cultivars that these plants will have little impact in
the continuation
of species lines as garden plants.

Just my two cents worth anyway ( or maybe 3.5 Canadian pennies)

All the best,    The International Lilium  Registrar
Regional Representative,  North America, Michael Homick, Tillsonburg,

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