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>Has anyone made a list of the order of flowering? It would be helpful to
those of us who are trying to ID plants from pictures.


I don't think such a list would be very reliable, maybe for a couple of
species but most species are very variable so I anticipate that clones fr=om
the more variable species would have different times to break dormancy.
There are a couple of notoriously early species like amurense, limbatum,
ringens, nepenthoides and engleri that also seem to come up early in the
wild but in cultivation they may react differently dependent on the growi=ng
conditions and the way they are cultivated, pot or the open garden. For m=y
own collection I would say that species like auriculatum, engleri,
nepenthoides, ilanense, amurense, taiwanense, speciosum var. speciosum an=d 1
clone of franchetianum are definitely the ones that break dormancy early
every year but the five other clones I grow of A. franchetianum are much
later and usually don't flower before June. Wilbert Hetterscheid has a cl=one
of galeatum that always breaks dormancy early whereas my clone flowers 2
months later than his. Again, there is an early Chinese clone of
consanguineum in cultivation (I believe it was from Deva Temple wasn't it
Guy?) that seems to flower as early as March but consanguineum is probabl=y
the most variable species around and it really depends on which clone you
grow when it comes up. I am not saying that at least some species break
dormancy early in the collections of almost everybody but most species co=me
up early May and then the list becomes very long..... Maybe other AEG'rs
could send in a list of species they consider early so a list can be
compiled that is of use for you? By the way, I am a pot-grower that
overwinters the Arisaema in the fridge at 2 C so they overwinter at const=ant
conditions every year.


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