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Subject: flowering sequence
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A couple of my seedlings from the AEG seedex are flowering.  Guy Gusman's
limbatum v conspicuum sown Nov/96 looks just like its picture.  His
limbatum v aequinoctiale is up and should flower in a couple of weeks.

I have another, with a label saying peninsulae Avent?  also in bloom.
It has a snakeskin stem like the limbatum, but the flower is different.
Is this a species that flowers early?

Nothing else is showing above the surface. Mine are all in a coldframe,
mostly to keep the rain off.

Has anyone made a list of the order of flowering?  It would be helpful to
those of us who are trying to ID plants from pictures.  Today I visited
another AEG member who was puzzled by four plants in flower, part of a lo=t
of seedlings from a packet of flavum.  I'm sure all the rest are flavum -
there was no sign of any growth yet - but I don't know what the four
rogues might be.  His were growing in a heated greenhouse, and he had a
lot of amurense in flower as well.

Diane Whitehead   Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
zone 8, cool mediterranean climate (rainy winter, dry summer)

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