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Well, Arno, I can comment a bit, here.  Mycorrhizae are probably part of =the
nutritional ecology of almost every known plant.,  Use of soil fungicides
(from my point of view) is not recommended except for getting rid of
particularly evil concentrations of damping-off fungi.  Since I don't kno=w
if you are growing in pots indoors, under quasi-controlled conditions, or
outdoors, I'm not sure how to adress the problem you're facing.  My own
solution, if you are troubled by soil fungi, would be to use an aspirin
drench to assist the plant in its immune response to fungal and bacterial
attack.      I've found that 4,   325mg tablets to two gallons of water t=o
be of benefit in blocking attacks of  Erwinia carotovora.  I'd also consi=der
changing the bacterial ecology of the soil, without using a man-made toxi=n .

If you like I'll send you  an article I wrote.  But you may be able to
download it from the net because it was republished  by the North America=n
Lily Society, or a similar group.  I forget, but if you're interested, I'=ll
dig out the information,.

If you use the search engine    and just type in the word
mycorrhizae you'll get a number of references on the beneficial aspects o=f
these soil fungi., and their ecology,  and there's even an expert who can
answer questions on just about every aspect of the issue whom you can fin=d
through the links, probably even for Himalayan soils.   Adam Fikso

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Subject: Mycorrhizal Dependency in Arisaema

> Dear all
> I now that certain Orchids depend on soil fungi to germinate and grow
> I believe they use the fungi for nutrients. I didn't thought that soil
> were impotent for Arisaema's. But a while ago I read an article
> and they were say=ing
> (if I understand it correct )that Arisaema atrorubens (triphyllum) also
> depend on soil fungi for his nutrients.
> Does anybody now if this is correct.
> In the last few years have I given my Arisaema plant, fungicide against
> fungi. But when the article is correct then I am destroying the soil fu=ngi
> that supply the Arisaema with nutrients. I have never seen an Arisaema =die
> after giving him fungicide, but you don't kill all the fungi in the soi=l
> maybe de plant will grow larger without the treatment.
> Please advise before the next growing season.
> Arno

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